Rajkummar Rao shared a clip from his upcoming movie, HIT: The first case, showing the range of his acting skills. The video shows Rajkummar as a police officer in civilian uniform, interrogating a college professor about one of his students. The film will hit theaters on July 15 and also stars Sanya Malhotra. Also read: Rajkummar Rao reveals he was rejected for ridiculous reasons like height, eyebrows

The actor shared the video on Wednesday, writing: “Here’s a sneak peek of #HITTheFirstCase. Release on July 15, 2022.” It shows Rajkummar starting to question the professor in a normal tone, but getting offended at how he talks about a missing student’s dress sense and blames her for spoiling the culture. Unable to yell at the professor during the interrogation, Rajkummar yells at another person to express his anger.

One fan commented on Rajkummar’s video, “Aae haae kya chillaaaae ho bhai (wow, the way you screamed).” Another said: “Bhai at the acting level.” Another fan commented, “Amazing as always.” One of the comments read: “Mast acting Bhai. That annoying scream…”

Rajkummar plays Vikram Jaisingh, a cop on the trail of a missing woman as he struggles with mental health issues in HIT: The First Case. Speaking of his role, he told PTI in a recent interview: “It’s a great part because it’s so complex. I like things that are complex in my characters. I don’t want it to be one journey, there has to be twists and turns. There must be conflict in the mind of your character.”

He added: “He has baggage. That trauma has turned into PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he gets panic attacks. He is so passionate about his work, but his work is such that sometimes it triggers.” HIT is the Hindi remake of the 2020 Telugu hit of the same name, directed by Sailesh Kolanu, who also helmed the original film.

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