It seems that the relationship between Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani has hit a roadblock. The actor couple, who were speculated to have been seeing each other for nearly six years, broke up earlier this year, according to sources.

A source said: “Tiger and Disha are no longer together. It’s unclear what happened between them, but they are both single at the moment.”

The two collaborated on the film Baghi 2 (2018) and the single Befikra, among other music videos. Patani also appeared in a song of Shroff’s Baghi 3 (2020).

From what we’ve gathered, the relationship between Patani and Shroff has been on and off for the past year. However, whatever has happened in recent months seems to have been the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

One of Shroff’s friends, who will not be named, confirms the split and says, “We only learned about it in the past few weeks. He hasn’t really talked to any of us about it. He is focused on his work with his trips to London and he is doing well, he is not much affected by the break.”

We also learned that Patani, 30, and Shroff, 32, remain warm and good friends. The two continue to follow each other on social media. Though they never discussed their relationship, they have been spotted together on numerous occasions.

We contacted both actors to comment on the matter, but received no response until we went to press.


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