In the late 1990s, India had its first rendezvous with the space/sci-fi superhero, Captain Vyom – The Sky Warrior. Now, more than twenty years later, India’s native space superhero is ready for a new, sleek and modern avatar. For the uninitiated, filmmaker Ketan Mehta’s popular creation – which originally aired on Doordarshan – played model-actor Milind Soman in the title role.

We have learned that newly formed production house, Brewing Thoughts Private Limited (BTPL), which produces the Shaktimaan trilogy with Sony Pictures International Productions, has acquired the editing/remake rights of Cosmos Maya. BTPL’s licensed rights include a five-part feature film franchise, as well as an equal number of web series.

A delighted Mehta confirms the news and says: “I am really excited. To me, Captain Vyom is a superhero of Indian descent to a global audience. And it’s time to reinvent when India dreams of its space in the new century. I look forward to working with BTPL to take Vyom forward into the millennium. I hope and wish that this superhero flies to newer heights and faraway lands. With an intergalactic space adventure at its heart, this franchise could also be a perfect platform to showcase the best of our country’s VFX and CGI talent.”

BTPL plans to develop Captain Vyom – a space/sci-fi superhero thriller – along the lines of Hollywood sci-fi space dramas such as Star TrekStar Wars and Guardians Of The Galaxy series. Since the concept of space/sci-fi superhero has remained largely untouched by Indian filmmakers, BTPL is excited about both the potential and sheer scope of the genre. In fact, the creators have already received three to four lucrative offers from top studios/OTT platforms for a co-production deal with the superhero franchise.

Not only that, a few top A-list stars have also shown great interest in starring. In addition, talks are underway with top filmmakers, known for their big budget films and their sensitive stories. However, creators are still in a wait-and-see mode, weighing all the offers and options. It’s a given that the planned franchise will showcase the never-before-seen world in space/sci-fi space to Indian audiences, but the creators are in no rush as their vision is to create the best franchise possible in this particular case. to release. space, from India,” said a source close to BTPL.

“It’s a big challenge and a huge responsibility to try something like this, especially in India, but we keep our fingers crossed. One thing is certain, however. It might just be the best time to try a space/sci-fi superhero adventure in our country. It also feels great that we are reliving our childhood – of the 90s – through our planned adaptations of popular Doordarshan shows like Shaktimaan and Captain Vyom etc.”, said Prashant Singh, the director of ex-film journalist and producer. and co-founder of BTPL.

Initially, BTPL had planned to start working on the said franchise itself in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic played a bummer and delayed their plans. Now, however, the company will start with the first film of the series next year. “With the Captain Vyom reloaded, we aim to amplify an exciting space/sci-fi genre in India. Just the idea of ​​fusing concepts like aliens, spaceships, time travel and space exploration with beautiful storytelling and supported by state-of-the-art VFX is very exciting,” said Madhurya Vinay, the co-founder of BTPL.

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