Shocking moment: A drug addict caused a stir during a trip from London to Greece. As a result, all passengers on the flight had to be delayed for several hours.

Shocking moment: Sometimes we come across such strange incidents, which are not forgotten. A similar situation was faced with passengers on a flight from London Stansted Airport to Greece on May 3. A drunk passenger caused a stir during the flight. Let us tell you about this whole incident. A video of this incident is also increasingly going viral on social media.

The accused caused a commotion throughout the flight

A passenger who was present in the flight shared the video of the entire incident without revealing his identity. Showing how the suspect is taken down the aisle of the flight by the Greek police. The suspect was tilted 90 degrees and couldn’t even lift it. He was so drunk he could barely stand.

The suspect was drunk

Now let me tell you the whole thing. The suspect and his brother had boarded a plane to Greece with their mother. The suspect had drunk so much alcohol that he could not feel his senses. He couldn’t stand on his feet. Meanwhile, he felt the need to go to the toilet, but he couldn’t even go to the toilet. Somehow, with the help of his brother, he reached the toilet, but the toilet was used by someone else.

Peed outside the toilet

Meanwhile, the suspect urinated outside the toilet itself. At this act of his, his brother began to beat the accused. A fierce scuffle ensued between the two. A fierce fight raged between the two in mid-air. The Jet-2 pilot had to divert the flight to Corfu to get the brothers off the plane.

Life ban imposed by airline

The incident left more than 200 passengers delayed for more than three hours and 45 minutes. Jet-2 posted a statement about the incident on its website last month. Both brothers were said to have been banned for life on the Jet-2 flight. Significant fines were also imposed on both brothers.

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