Not only the acting of Divyanka Tripathi but also the tough avatar has always won the hearts of the people. The actress is often in the news because of her appearance. Now she has once again shared a very daring photo of herself on Instagram, raising the heartbeat of the fans.

New Delhi: The famous TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is also very active on social media. In such a situation, glimpses of her personal and professional life are often seen. Now Divyanka’s new avatar has drawn the attention of the fans to her. In this photo, the actress can be seen wearing only a white shirt. Now the fans of Divyanka are quite surprised to see this avatar of hers.

Divyanka Tripathi is often seen in the role of cultivated daughter-in-law

Divyanka has been featured in almost all TV shows in her career so far in the role of a cultured daughter-in-law and daughter, a very simple girl who wears a suit and sari. However, in real life, Divyanka is quite feisty and hot. Glimpses of this can often be seen on her Instagram page. As a result, Divyanka’s fan following on Instagram has also become very long. Now Divyanka has shared her new sizzling look.

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Divyanka Tripathi showed a very hot avatar

In the last photo, Divyanka is seen wearing only a white shirt. She has also shifted her shirt off one shoulder to show some guts. Showing off her look, Divyanka lies and poses for the camera.

She completed her look with subtle makeup and open hair. The actress looks very good in this look. Such a sizzling style of Divyanka is rarely seen.

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Divyanka was featured in this issue

If you look at Divyanka’s work front, she’s been seen in projects for less than a while. Recently she was featured in the music video ‘Babul Da Veda’. At the moment, the actress has not announced her next project. On the other hand, the fans are excited to see her on screen again.

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