Bo* Oldest Look: Disha Patani has driven people crazy with her hotness, boldness and dance more than acting. Not only does Disha add a touch of hotness in movies, but also often wears such dresses in real life that the fans sweat when they see them. Recently, Disha hit the trailer launch of ‘Ek Villain Returns’ in such a daring dress that the photos set social media on fire. But this isn’t the first time Disha has worn such a cool dress. We show you the 5 coolest looks from Disha.

First of all, see this photo of Disha Patani. In this photo, the actress is wearing a transparent white dress. The special thing is that this dress is so transparent from many places that everything in it is visible. There is also a large round cut at the front. That gives the actress a great look.

Now look at this picture of Disha Patani, who is always fit. In this, the actress wears a sleek one-piece red color. This dress of the actress is so tight that the curves of her body are clearly visible. At the same time, the deep neckline of the dress attracts everyone’s attention.

In this photoshoot, Disha Patani wears a combination of shimmery gray and pale pink deep neck one piece. In the picture, the actress is braless and gives so much killer look that it’s hard to take her eyes off the picture.

It is difficult to compete with Disha Patani in boldness. Look at this photo of Disha. The actress is wearing a bikini in this. Although the actress has wrapped a cloth under the bra. In which Disha Patani looks hotter than the limit.

In this photo, Disha Patni is in a bikini. In this photo, the actress can be seen looking at the camera. She looks warm and tough as always in the picture.

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