When the trailer of the movie ‘Ek Villain Returns’ was launched in Mumbai, actress Disha Patani was seen in such an avatar on this occasion that the whole spotlight went to her role. This lady had worn such a combination of short top and long skirt, which can surely burn the blood of many girls. Why do we say this, you will understand for yourself by looking at the photo.

Disha Patani is one of those actresses who are amazing in style. Most of the looks of this actress are such that she shows off her fit and curvy body. This time when she reached the trailer of the movie “Ek Villain Returns”, the appearance of the actress looked exactly like this, showing off her fitness level to the fullest. Seeing the kind of tops and skirts that Disha wore, will surely burn the blood of those girls who have long dreamed of a toned figure.

Thin lanyard hot top

Disha is often seen with an all black look. Also this time she styled herself in the same color from head to toe. This lady was wearing a very hot top. It had noodle belts, which were held in a dumbbell shape. There was a plunging neckline in the front while the back lanyard and backless details added a touch of hotness to the look.

The pants were such that the tinted vest was the highlight

The skirt that Disha Patani wore with this cool top was not only made of comfy and stretchy fabric, but also had a slightly different shape at her waist. In this figure hugging the bottom, the waist belt was given a V-shaped cut. This shape emphasized Disha’s tight waist even more.

Leather boots and long earrings

The beautiful actress wore leather boots with her flaunting clothes. The direction of about 5 feet 7 inches seemed bigger after wearing it. At the same time, her figure had also become more attractive. The actress wore studded earrings to add a bling element to the look. Her hair was styled in deep waves while her makeup was natural tone and shiny.

Tara wearing short clothes also faded

Tara Sutaria, one of the most beautiful actresses in Beetown, was also seen in a stylish look on this occasion. She wore short white colored clothes, which had an overall black print. She also looked great in an off the shoulder skirt top set. But her sizzling gaze also faded for the direction she wore clothes with the figure.

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