Dhanashree Verma was pictured dropping off her husband Yuzvendra Chahal at Mumbai airport on Tuesday. The couple, who recently battled divorce rumors, held hands and posed for the paparazzi. Dhanashree also held her husband when she limped due to her recent knee injury. Read also| Dhanashree Verma declares she is going to ‘maika’ for a month, Yuzvendra is celebrating

When they arrived at the airport, Yuzvendra Chahal got out of their car first and then walked to the other side to hold the car door for his wife. Dhanashree, who was seen wearing a knee brace, took the cricketer’s help to get out of the car and walk. In a video shared by a paparazzo account on Instagram, the two held each other while smiling for the cameras.

They also posed for photos with fans before Dhanashree returned to the car. Yuzvendra hugged her and helped her into her seat before heading back to the airport. Fans wished Dhanashree a speedy recovery from her injury in the comments section. One commented, “Dhanashree has had knee surgery. Please leave some positive comments.” Another wrote for the couple, “Be happy guys.” A third wrote, “God bless you both.”

Dhanashree had recently shared that she will undergo knee surgery as she refuted rumors of her and Yuzvendra’s divorce in a social media post. She had written on Sunday alongside a series of sunkissed selfies: “I had completely lost confidence due to my knee injury that occurred while dancing (my last reel) and I ended up tearing my ACL ligament… But what did it do me? helped through this is the support of my nearest and dearest, including my husband, my family and my closest friends. As recommended by the doctors, if I want to dance in life again, I will have my surgery.”

In the post, Dhanashree also responded to the rumors of a rift between her and Yuzvendra that started after she removed his last name from her name on Instagram. She wrote, “I’m not going to let this injury or any other unfounded rumours take me away…Let’s spread joy and happiness and ignore everything else,” while she unsubscribed from DVC.

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