Shefali Shahi is one of the most talented actors in the tinsel town of Bollywood. Over the years, she has delivered multiple memorable performances in such films as Monsoon Wedding, Waqt: The Race Against Time, Dil Dhadakne Do and the recently released movie darlings next Alia Bhatt. Her acting range and skills have earned her both critical acclaim and the love and admiration of audiences. Now she is gearing up for the second season of her highly successful Delhi Crime series. Meanwhile, she joined a news portal for a chat, expressing her views on the ongoing boycott and cancellation culture in Bollywood.

Shefali Shah Shares Thoughts on ‘Boycott Bollywood’ and ‘Canceling Culture’

Lately, boycott trends and cancellation culture of Bollywood movies and actors have attracted a lot of attention on social media. In an interview with India Today, Shefali Shah was asked the same. Addressing the issue, the actress expressed her belief that the boycott culture would not last long. She said, “It’s a trend. I don’t think it’s long-lasting.” Asked about the perception that Bollywood is nearing its end, she said: “Really! I don’t think it’s possible. Movies is a culture like cricket. It can’t die… it can’t. People have their opinions, they have their opinion, but there’s also a lot of love and appreciation that we get. I think we should just take it easy and just say ‘we tried’ and we’ll move on.”

About Delhi Crime Season 2

The trailer for Shefali Shah’s second season of Netflix’s Delhi Crime has recently been released. The first season made history last year by becoming the first Indian show to win the International Emmy Awards and take home the Best Drama Series title. The second season trailer brings back Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Singh, with her teammates Neeti Singh, played by Rasika Duggal, and Bhupendra Singh, played by Rajesh Talang. Adil Hussain, Anurag Arora, Sidharth Bhardwaj and Gopal Dutt also reprise their roles. The show is scheduled to stream on Netflix from August 26.

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