Dadi Dance Video: Thousands of videos go viral every day on social media but among them such a video of Dadi goes viral and you will be surprised after seeing it.

Grandmother Gujrati Garba Dance Video: Once Navratri starts, people get obsessed with performing Garba. Gujarat’s famous dance form ‘Garba’ fills people with enthusiasm and different energy is seen while dancing. Often we have seen youngsters perform Garba with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Although children and old people also like to do garba, but an elderly lady, affectionately called Dadi; Gave a great performance on Gujarati Garba Song.

Dadi stuns on Gujarati Garba

A video is going viral on social media showing an old lady making such a big splash on Garba’s song that you too will enjoy watching it. Dadi wearing a yellow sari along with the choreographer rocked the song ‘Dholida’ in a very nice way. She danced with so much energy and saw good dancers’ faces blown away. People applaud fiercely after seeing Dadi’s dance.

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Garba video went viral on social media

Let us tell you that last year, during Navratri, a video of Grandma went viral showing Grandma dancing among the people at an event hosted by Garba. She became quite popular on the roles of Instagram. Again she surprised people by performing on Garba. Her dance performance is very different from the people. Now this video is going quite viral on social media. This video was uploaded on Instagram by an account called Garba Lovers.

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