Cinemas in China ordered to screen propaganda films twice a week

Cinemas in China ordered to screen propaganda films twice a week

China has ordered all cinemas in the country to screen propaganda films at least twice every week, according to The Variety. The order will come into effect sometime this week and will be valid till the end of the year.

And theaters that are part of the National Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas or the “People’s Cinema” circuit, a group of over 5,000 special halls dedicated to propaganda films, are required to screen propaganda films a minimum of five times a week.

These directives are part of the efforts of the National Film Administration and Propaganda Department to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party’s founding on July 1st.

In an official statement the NFA said, “film authorities in every province, region and municipality, every film and cinema company and every production firm” will screen and promote “outstanding films” to celebrate the Communist Party’s 100th anniversary.

The films will revolve around themes of “loving the party, loving the nation and loving socialism,” and “sing the praises of … and eulogize the Party, the motherland, its people and its heroes,” The Variety reported.

Some of the titles include Fighting North and South, Zhang Ga the Soldier Boy, and Hundred Regiments Offensive.

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These films also seek to promote President Xi Jinping and create a heroic, warm and patriotic image of the party. Cinemas must guarantee that these films are attended by large audiences as well, the report said.

The NFA has also advised cinemas and firms to promote screenings through different price models, discounts, scheduling slots and even mobilise communities and party members to increase attendance.

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