Prithviraj Sukumaran headlined action entertainer, Kaduva been delayed several times. Now, after enduring many hardships, the film is all set to hit the big screens on July 7 this year. The recent news about the film is that it has been U/A certified by the censorship board. In addition to giving a final green light, the censorship board has also proposed a major change to the film.

The reports claim that the committee has asked the creators to replace Prithviraj Sukumaran’s character name Kuruvachan when it appears in the film. The reports further show that the Censorship Board has assured that Kaduva cannot be published as a true story of the complainant Kuruvinakkunnel Kuruvachan. They also clarified that there are no scenes in the venture that are defamatory to the complainant or his family.

According to the reports, the writer of the film, Jinu V Abraham, was also quoted as saying that the film does not contain any such scenes which could be construed as libelous to Kuruvinakkunnel Kuruvachan. He also said that there will be some minor changes in the film after censorship regarding the appearance of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s character name, but no scene or dialogue will be removed from the drama altogether.

For those who didn’t know, Kaduva was thrown into legal soup when a resident of Pala, Kurvinakkunnel Kuruvachan filed a defamation lawsuit in court against the creators. He claims that the film contains many scenes that could damage the prestige of him and his family. To implement these changes, the makers have postponed the release from June 30 to July 7.

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