Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: The newlyweds can be seen on stage and the cameraman takes pictures. In doing so, he touches the bride many times, so that the groom was heavily spoiled.

Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: In the fun world of social media, videos related to the wedding are the most watched and uploaded. Some are so funny that even after watching over and over, the mind doesn’t fill up. One such video has just surfaced that has to do with the bride and groom. Both are on stage and the cameraman takes pictures. But in the meantime he did something to the bride that spoiled the groom. What happens in the frame next is worth watching.

Thousands of video views

The video has been viewed thousands of times so far and people like it a lot too. It can be seen that the bride is on the stage and the cameraman is taking pictures. The groom is also nearby, but the cameraman only takes pictures of the bride. Meanwhile, he repeatedly touches the bride to take pictures in different poses. Because of this, the bridegroom’s wrath reached seventh heaven. He immediately reached close to the groom and received a solid blow. What happens in the frame next is worth watching.

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It’s funny that when the bride saw this, she couldn’t stop laughing and sat on the floor laughing. It’s also fun to watch this scene in the frame. However, it appears that the video is part of a joke, which was also uploaded on Instagram on a page called punjabi_industry.

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