Nowadays a 7 girls dance video is going viral. In this these people did a great dance with the bride. People watch this over and over again.

Viral video: Getting married is a big day for everyone. Everyone wants to make this day special. People also keep a good amount of savings for marriage. Be it the bride or groom, everyone wants there to be no lack of preparation in their marriage. From procession, tent, dress and dish to dance, people prepare everything in advance. There are some occasions in the marriage that make the marriage memorable. The same happened in a wedding where the girls made it memorable. In this wedding, the bride’s friends performed a great dance, which the wedding procession continued to watch. The video of this dance is also going viral and is seen time and time again.

Today, a video is going viral on social media showing 7 girls doing an amazing dance under a tent. These girls dance to Kanika Kapoor’s song ‘Jugni’. It is said that these girls dance at a wedding. This also applies to the bride. These girls are bridesmaids. The girls wear the best dress and the best makeup is done. When you see the dance moves of the girls, it looks like they are trend girls. He practiced a lot before he started dancing. The video shows a Sardarji standing behind it and the DJ spinning.

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This video was shared on Instagram by a user named Mumbaidancers. While sharing the video, the user wrote that ‘Jugni and I danced a lot together’, another user wrote that ‘Kya bath hai chha gaye ji’, another user wrote in which he praised the video that ‘Super Duper hit’.

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