Trending Response: All people want their friends to be involved in their special day or happy moments. A very cute video is going viral on social media. This video shows what happens when the bride goes for her group of friends for the first time…

Viral video on the internet: Every day many videos go viral on the internet. Wedding season is underway in India so videos about weddings are being seen these days. Such a video (Trending Video) has won the hearts of many people.

Saw friend as bride

This video shows a girl dressed as a bride. His friends are waiting outside his room. Once the bride shows her first glimpse (Glimpse) to her friends, the friends are surprised. First of all, you should also see the reaction of friends in this video…

happy friend

When they saw his friend as a bride, they were all blown away. Everyone was so happy that they started screaming and praising the beauty of their friend. The video of just a few seconds (Viral Video) must have reminded everyone of their friends. This video has been viewed more than 57 lakh times so far. More than two lakh people also liked the video.

People have commented

Commenting on this video, many social media users gave the bride and her friends their best wishes. One user said such friends should be found by anyone who would make the wedding more special in this way. One user wrote (Comment) that this moment will be one of the most special moments for this girl.

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