Lesbian romance based Bo*ld web series: There is so much content on OTT that parental tension towards children has increased. You cannot view the content of OTT while sitting with your family, parents or children. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about those web series showing lesbian romance. In such a situation, think a hundred times before playing this web series for someone else.

Movies About Lesbian Romance

Lesbian romance has been presented in many different ways, from Hollywood to Bollywood movies. But in these web series, this song is filmed quite impeccably. In the following slides, check out the list of web series created about lesbian romance.

Khatra: Dangerous

Khatra: Dangerous – Ram Gopal Varma’s adult web series ‘Khatra: Dangerous’ was released on April 8, 2022. More than one bo*ld scene was shot in this series between Apsara and Naina Ganguly.

Maya 2

Maya 2- The second part of the web series Maya was Maya 2. Also in this part, fat scenes were served. Priya Gaur Leena Jumani played a major role in this web series and there was a lesbian relationship between the two. This web series showed how both had confessed their relationship to society.


Twisted – A murder mystery that will keep you hooked until the end. In this web series, famous TV actress Nia Sharma plays the role of a lesbian who gets into a relationship with her own boyfriend.

The married woman

The Married Woman- Zee5 and Alt Balaji’s series ‘The Married Woman’ are also included in this list. The story of Aastha and Piplika is shown in the series. While Aastha is a housewife, Piplika is a modern and independent girl.


In the Human-Human web series, great intimate scenes were filmed between Smridhi Singh and Charu Shankar, Kirti and Ansha Syed, Kirti Ax and Shefali Shah. It would be better if you don’t watch this series with anyone.

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