The sexiest and raunchy SonyLIV web series are filled with sensationalism with lots of drama and adrenaline. The OTT platform is constantly updating its library with enticing TV shows that you can only watch. Those who want to experience the ecstasy of joining hot shows will be delighted by the amount of sexy TV shows SonyLIV has in its library.

Viewers will be amazed that these SonyLiv web series also have great storylines, making them the best shows on the OTT platform. SonyLIV had a blockbuster year in 2021, with web series like Scam 1992 and Chutzpah continuing to draw attention to the OTT platform. However, SonyLIV now has many other dramatic TV shows to offer rather than just Harshad Mehta’s story.

Here is a list of the 6 Hot and Sexy Web Series on SonyLIV:

1- Chutzpah

The Chutzpah web series on SonyLIV is one of the best hot and sexy shows you can stream online on an OTT platform. The series explores the wild world of the internet, where unknown people meet and form bonds that become more important than their real lives. The sensual tension in the Chutzpah web series is something you would definitely enjoy if you’re looking for a show that builds up the hot scenes and drama.

2- Undekhi


Viewers who love sexual dramas filled with thrilling hot sequences will find Undekhi an unparalleled experience on SonyLIV. The show is a huge hit and has been on the OTT platform for two seasons that you can stream when alone and undisturbed. It shows two aspects of general life. One aspect focuses on the power-influenced people who think they can get away with anything, while the other focuses on the people who are tortured and traumatized in their lives.

3- Girls hostel

Girls Hostel is also a two-season show full of dramatic scenes on SonyLIV. The show’s story follows four women who live in a girls’ hostel. They navigate their studies, relationships and political affiliations in this web series as they try to find their purpose in life. Famous YouTube star Ahsaas Channa has given an unforgettable and remarkable performance in this series.

4- College Romance

College Romance, a series initially released on the Timeliners YouTube channel, is now streaming on SonyLIV. This web series about SonyLIV is full of endearing moments. Those in college would love to experience this show. The chemistry of the six main characters is something that has astonished fans. Gagan Arora made a big impression on people with his outing on the show. At the same time, there were some moments when Apoorva Arora played a few scenes that turned out to be hot and bold.

5- Clamped In Forever

Sandwiched Forevever is a web series that people loved when it debuted on SonyLIV. The series stars the ever-charming Kunaal Roy Kapoor in a hilarious and sweet avatar. On the other hand, Aahana Kumra has done it all, making it one of the best popular web series on SonyLIV. People loved the concept and premise of the show. Zakir Hussain’s comedy is also one of the main reasons why SonyLIV audiences found this series a must-see.

6- Scam 1992: The Story of Harshad Mehta

Scam 1992 is arguably the best web series on SonyLIV. It broke all records when it was released and quickly became one of the shows that people of all ages loved and admired. Pratik Gandhi became a star overnight and Shreya Dhanwanthary established her position among the highest paid OTT actresses in India. You must be wondering why it is on the list of popular web series on SonyLIV. The series has a high level of suspense and drama that you would expect from a sexy TV show. It is a must-watch for those who subscribe to SonyLIV.

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