Urfi Javed’s new video is from a hotel. Where Urfi was seen showing off transparent pants. This video of Urfi is going viral on social media.

Urfi Javed new video: When it comes to Urfi Javed, she doesn’t hesitate to wear clothes that go beyond any clothing thought. Also this time, when Urfi Javed was caught in the paparazzi’s camera, everyone was surprised to see her dress. In the video that surfaced, Urfi reached the hotel in transparent bikini bottoms.

Wearing purple color Bi*ki*ni

In this latest video, Urfi Javed can be seen in a purple bikini. The special thing is that Urfi also went to a luxury hotel in Mumbai with these clothes. Where everyone who saw Urfi kept looking at her.

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wore transparent pants

Urfi Javed wears transparent pants to distinguish her look. In addition, to complete her look, high heels, earrings and hair in the ear have been opened.

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walked like this

In the video you can see that as soon as Urfi Javed entered the hotel, the people around her started looking at her. Urfi, however, continued to her own tune and headed for the elevator. After this, she immediately came out and started posing fiercely for the paparazzi.

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Open shirt buttons

Earlier, Urfi had posted a video on social media. In this video, Urfi was seen on camera wearing only a white shirt. The special thing is that Urfi had opened the buttons on the front of this white-colored shirt. Her cleavage was clearly visible. To make her look classy, ​​Urfi wore a heavy choker style necklace around her neck. Along with this, a bun of hair was made. When sharing this video, it was written in the caption: ‘No pain and no gain.’ In response to this video by Urfi, Rakhi Sawant made a fire emoji.

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