Bo*ld Actress: Pallavi Joshi has left such an impression in movies and TV series that everyone loves her performance. Even Pallavi Joshi has been honored with the National Film Award. But do you know that Pallavi Joshi’s niece gave such scenes in her first web series that she was in the headlines more than the ‘Ashram’ web series. Even involved in the top trend. The special thing is that in this webseries the actress who played the lead role and had a lot of fun in bo*ld scenes, while Pallavi is Joshi’s niece. Whose name is Anuja Joshi and she has appeared in the ‘Hello Mini’ web series.

Anuja Joshi’s ‘Hello Mini’ web series was so bold it had many seasons. You can also guess the popularity of this web series that it even left behind Baba Nirala’s ‘Ashram’ web series.

In addition to ‘Hello’ Mini, Anuja has also appeared in the web series ‘Broken But Beautify’. Anuja Joshi is the eldest daughter of Pallavi Joshi’s brother Alankar Joshi. Alankar is a businessman in New York.

Very few people would know that before appearing in the web series, Anuja started her career modeling in the glamor world. Anuja herself grew up in America.

A few days ago, Anuja Joshi married actor Ankuj Rathi in the UK. Anuja has also shared some photos from the wedding on social media in which she looks very beautiful.

Anuja is very active on social media and is constantly sharing her photos. Fans also showered love in these photos of the actress.

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