Actor Bobby Deol goes through memory as he recalls shooting his thriller film Gupt on July 4, which completed 25 years.

Already 25 years for a film that surprised every viewer when it came out, made money and boosted the popularity of the lead actor… Gupt remains special to Bobby Deol for more reasons than one.

His co-star Kajol was the villain in the film, and it is still remembered for this surprise that no one saw coming. Ask Deol if he was in the least bit worried, knowing she’ll walk away with most of the attention, and he jokes, “I don’t think so. When people see the work, the music, I danced so much for the first time, the action was great. These kinds of subjects were never made.”

The songs especially Duniya Haseenon Ka Mela and Gupt Gupt were all the rage. And the creators left no stone unturned to take advantage of it. Deol reveals that director Rajiv Rai devised a promotional strategy that no one before him, or after Gupt, has followed.

“He booked a music channel for a day and for 24 hours there would be no other commercial or movie ads except Gupt. Only Gupt’s songs would continue to play. Can you believe it? It was amazing how he promoted the film because there was so much material in it,” the actor beams.

He recalls even more such nuggets from the making of the film and recalls how his famous dance moves came about. Deol laughs: “I had to rehearse so much to get it right. We were filming with Duniya… and there was no air conditioning in studios at the time. I would rehearse so much I was drenched in sweat by the end. And then white spots would be visible. I wore eight to nine black jeans for that one song. Then I broke my leg during the shooting for Barsaat, my debut film, and Gupt was right after. I had an accident on the last day of the first, so Chinni and Rekha Prakash ji did those hand movements of mine, which became popular as ‘Bobby Deol’s style’!”

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