Bhojpuri Actress Fees per film: Bhojpuri cinema is slowly but surely making its own identity. Today, the beauty of Bhojpuri songs speaks loudly to the people. Until now, in the cinema where only male actors were speaking, the Bhojpuri actress is now none other than anyone else.

Amrapali Dubey: When we talk about the best actress of the Bhojpuri cinema, the name of Amrapali Dubey comes out on top. What is special is that DNC ​​has only been active in Bhojpuri industry for 7-8 years. But in such a short time, Amrapali has made that identity that takes years. Amrapali’s couple is most associated with Bhojpuri star Nirhua. Speaking of fees, these beauties are charging Rs 25 to 30 lakhs.

Rani Chatterjee: Rani Chatterjee is one of those Bhojpuri actresses who is now creating a different identity in the world of OTT. When you call Rani the queen of Bhojpuri cinema, nothing goes wrong. Rani Chatterjee, who has worked with Manoj Tiwari on Ravi Kishan and Khesari, charges Rs 25-30 lakh for a film.

Akshara Singh: Akshara Singh speaks a lot in Bhojpuri cinema. That’s why this Hasina has appeared in reality shows like Bigg Boss. Another style of Akshara, who was featured in Bigg Boss OTT, was featured in this show. After which her popularity increased even more. Until now Akshara was asking for 15-20 lakhs for a movie but now it is reported that Akshara has doubled her fee and if this is true then Akshara will become the most expensive actress of Bhojpuri.

Kajal Raghwani: Kajal Raghwani is also a well known Bhojpuri actress who asks a lot for a movie. Speaking of Kajal’s fee, this beautiful actress charges 20-25 lakh rupees for a movie.

Pakhi Hegde: Slowly but surely, Pakhi Hegde has also mastered the industry. She is included in the list of hottest and bravest actresses of Bhojpuri. Before Amrapali Dubey entered the industry, the pair of Pakhi Hegde and Nirhua were considered top notch. Even today, this actress charges 10-12 lakhs for a movie or any other project.

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