Bharti Singh Son Laksh Limbachiyaa First Picture: Bharti and Harsh have shown the world the first glimpse of their son Lakshya. For a long time, Bharti was asked to show her son’s face and now that Gola turned 3 months old, Bharti shared a beautiful video.

Bharti Singh Son Video: Bharti Singh had already revealed the name of the son and now both Bharti and Harsh have also shown the beautiful face of the son. Gola ie Laksh Limbachiyaa turned 3 months old so the mouth of the gola was visible on this occasion. Now social media users are losing heart over the cuteness of Bharti’s son and showering lots of love with lots of blessings.

The ball seen in the box of the cute

If Bharti is Singh’s son then the face should have been amazing and it happened. Bharti and Harsh had been specially waiting to show the son’s face to the fans. The house was very well furnished. A special large box was ordered in which the ball had to lie down and then the mouth of the ball was shown by opening the box. At the same time, as soon as the first glimpse of Bharti and Harsh’s son was seen, the fans lost their hearts.

Seen playing with dad

Throughout this blog, the focus was on the goal itself. Sometimes you see them lying comfortably, sometimes Mama Bharti prepares her and sometimes you see them playing with her father. Lakshya’s cuteness is well appreciated in the blog. At the same time, while sharing this video, Bharti asked, “Tell me who went to the prom, about the mother or the father.”

Lakshya Limbachiyaa was born on April 3

Let us tell you that Bharti Singh became a mother on April 3rd, she gave birth to a son and also shared this good news with the fans. However, Bharti had not returned to work until 12 days after the birth of her son, which caused her to be trolled as well.

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