Today, Bhagyashree is in the news more for her looks and fitness than her movies. A new style of the actress is seen almost every day. Now the eyes are once again on Bhagyashree’s style.

New Delhi: When seeing Bhagyashree nowadays it seems that instead of getting older it is getting less and less. With the passage of time, the actress has become more glamorous. Bhagyashree has rarely been seen in movies for quite some time, but despite this, there has been no diminution in her limelight. A special reason for this are her bo*ld acts. Now Bhagyashree has shown her sizzling look again.

Bhagyashree showed off a sizzling look in a black dress

Bhagyashree also keeps in touch with her fans through social media. Her bo*ld avatar is often seen on Instagram. With her latest look, Bhagyashree has once again put the mercury on the internet.

Recently, the actress shared some of her photos in a black stylish high Thai split dress. Looking at these photos, it looks like she’s on a set. The actress also caught the microphone in these photos.

A post shared by Bhagyashree (

Bhagyashree looks very horny

Speaking of Bhagyashree’s look, she has completed her sizzling black look with nude shimmery makeup. She carries matching gloves in her hand and wears heavy diamond earrings in her ears. Bhagyashree wore high heels with white stones and a black dress. She looks very good in this avatar.

A post shared by Bhagyashree (

Bhagyashree is fit even at 53 years old

In the photos, the fans’ eyes are on Bhagyashree’s perfect figure. When you see her, you can’t even guess that she is 53 years old. Bhagyashree can compete with today’s actress with her style. At the same time, her fans are enamored with every incarnation of her.

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