on Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s 7th wedding anniversary, let’s dive into memory and zoom in on the time Kunis opened up about her destined love story with Kutcher on The Late Late Show with James Corden† During her time on the show in 2016, a year after the couple tied the knot, Kunis revealed how it all went.

corden the actress asked about the moment when their relationship shifted from the “friend zone to the end zone.” Although the Black Swan actress was unreliable, she still opened up and revealed the truth. Kunis noted that their story unraveled exactly how their two films did what they happened to be working on at the same time, referencing Kunis’ Friends with benefits and Kutcher’s No obligations† Kunis commented, “If we’d just paid attention to how those movies turned out, we’d know we can’t get into a relationship this way and yet we’ve done exactly the same thing as both movies.”

Kunis revealed how they did things exactly like in the movies when she said the couple “literally shook hands” in hopes of having fun in their childhood, but things got serious very quickly and three months later they moved in together and all. soon married and had a child.

But Corden was not satisfied with Kunis’ answer, he pushed Kunis and asked exactly when things started to change between them. She shared that she and Kutcher were just friends for the longest time because they were both working on the TV show That show from the 70s together. She even said that the atmosphere at that time never got romantic because she was still young, Kutcher even did her chemistry homework.

But after many years their lives crossed again. Kunis explained that the two kept in touch with “AOL ichat” throughout their twenties, but things changed when she ran into him at the awards show and at first glance thought there was something different. She explained that the sight of Kutcher made her gasp and tell herself to “stop,” as her heart skipped a beat. That night, he asked her to join his housewarming party, which she later found out she was arranging with a friend, but the two ended up together. Kunis summed up her flashback, adding, “It was all meant to be.”

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