New Delhi: Ashram 3 actress Tridha Choudhary is setting both social media on fire. Now there are a lot of headlines about her latest video. Often, Tridha continues to share her hot videos with her fans. Tridha is very active on social media to keep in touch with her fans. Tridha has shared such a video of her that the fans are finding it hard to take their eyes off her. In this video, Tridha changed her costume in minutes. These videos are going very viral on social media.

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Tridha Chaudhary has shared her latest video on her Instagram account. In which Tridha is seen in different ways. Tridha has done light makeup and kept her hair open. In which she can be seen very brave.

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In this video Tridha sometimes wears a bikini and sometimes a dress. Now it’s going to be hard to take the fans’ eyes out of this video. Fans have shared this video with likes. At the same time, fans reacted strongly. One user wrote a nice video, while another user wrote a brand. Fans have made many such comments.

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