Pregnant Nidhi Shah Baby Shower: Television actress Nidhi Shah has shared some of her most stunning photos on social media, showing off a baby bump. Seeing these pictures of Nidhi, her fans are quite surprised. This also quickly started the discussion about her pregnancy.

These photos of Nidhi Shah are from Godbharai’s ceremony, which the actress herself shared with the fans. Seeing these pictures, Nidhi’s fans are also very surprised as well as the people watching are very confused. Nidhi Shah is actually only 24 years old and she’s not even married, so suddenly these photos of her baby bump have become the talk of the town.

Basically let’s tell you that these pictures of Nidhi Shah are not related to her real life but during the shooting of the daily soap ‘Anupama’. These photos have been shared by Nidhi as a teaser of the show for the fans. After seeing these pictures of Nidhi everyone is eagerly waiting for this episode. In the pictures that have surfaced, Nidhi looks very beautiful.

The story of the TV series Anupama is getting very interesting these days. After being married to Anuj, now comes a great good news in Anupama’s life. Now Anupama will soon become a grandmother and a little guest comes to the Shah family. The upcoming episode of the TV series Anupama will show that a baby shower party is being organized for Vanraj’s daughter-in-law Kinjal.

Rakhi Dave will host the baby shower ceremony for her daughter Kinjal with great splendor. Anupama along with her family will also be involved in Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony along with her second husband Anuj. Not long ago, Ashish Mehrotra, who played Toshu in Anupama and Nidhi Shah, who played Kinjal, shared photos of baby showers.

Anupama is already in seventh heaven in the joy of becoming a grandmother, while Vanraj is also very excited to feed her future grandson or granddaughter. Along with these two, the whole Shah family is waiting for Kinjal’s child. In such a situation, the upcoming episodes of Anupama will show that Rakhi will organize a baby shower ceremony for her daughter Kinjal. Everyone will have a blast at Kinjal’s baby shower party. Recently, Ashish Mehrotra and Nidhi Shah shared some photos from a baby shower party on their Instagram account, which are going viral on social media.

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