Anjali Arora viral video: Anjali Arora, who became a social media sensation by making a reel on the song ‘Kacha Badam’, is in constant discussion these days. While her song ‘Saiyaan’ is making a lot of noise on YouTube, her recent MMS video is in the news. However, Anjali Arora has to say in this MMS that she is not the girl featured in this video and someone is doing this to slander her. But now, in the midst of it all, a video of Anjali Arora is increasingly going viral on social media. People give different kinds of reactions after watching this video.

Another video by Anjali Arora went viral on social media

Anjali Arora’s first look can be seen in this video. Anjali herself shared this video that is going viral on her Instagram account. In the video, just like before, you can see Anjali stealing the hearts of the fans with her hot dance moves. 23-year-old Anjali Arora wears a nightgown in this video and dances to the song ‘Bahara’ from Sonam Kapoor and the movie ‘I Hate Love Story’ by Imran Khan. Anjali posted this video few hours ago and this video has gained more than 3 lakh 44 thousand likes so far.

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People made such comments about Anjali Arora’s viral video

This dance video of Anjali Arora is getting a lot of love from her fans on social media. However, there are many users who still question Anjali about her viral MMS. One user wrote in the comment box: ‘Is that MMS of yours really’. Users are making indecent comments on social media about her viral MMS. But there are some fans of Anjali Arora who like this video and they put emoji with hearts and kisses in the comment box.

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Kangana was featured in Ranot .’s show

Anjali Arora became famous for making a social media reel. After which she also got the chance to appear in Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lockup’. Anjali Arora got a lot of love from the fans in this show. The great chemistry between her and Munawwar Farooqui was featured in the show.

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