Reality show ‘Lock Up’ fame Anjali Arora is currently discussing the leaked MMS video, about which she said: I am very strong, but my parents, if someone tells them something, what about them? passes.

Anjali Arora, who was featured in the reality show ‘Lock Up’, is currently in the headlines for the leaked MMS video on social media. Seeing this MMS video, people say that the girl featured in it is Anjali Arora, while she herself says that this fake MMS is going viral. Anjali is upset about this leaked MMS video, but is even more concerned about how her family members are feeling.

‘My family watches all those videos too’

‘Kacha Badam’ fame Anjali Arora is in the news even after leaving ‘Lock Up’ and currently she is also in the news for her new song ‘Saiyaan Dil Mein Aana Re’. But at the moment she is caught up in the MMS controversy, which she repeatedly says is not in the video. Anjali told Siddharth Kanan in an interview the effect this video has had on her family members. Anjali cried while talking to Siddharth and said, “My family watches all these videos too. I don’t understand why I spread so much that I’m not. I also have a family, I have a brother, a sister, a younger brother, who see all these things.

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‘My parents didn’t even come to say anything, what’s this or what’s not’

Anjali shared that when she came out of ‘Lock Up’ she found out that all this was already going on for the show. She said that her father had also reported this to the police. She said, “My parents haven’t even come to tell me what this is or what isn’t.”

‘I am very strong, but what are my parents going through’

She cried and said, ‘I am very strong, but my parents, if someone tells them something, what happens to them. I can’t explain that. They don’t tell me anything. But I feel bad that they have to listen to all this because of me.

‘My family is not ready to bear all this’

Anjali said: ‘So many comments in the past week, I’m upset to hear what I actually did. I haven’t done anything like that. Because of an idiot who made something by posting my picture. I am absolutely strong for all this, but my family is not ready to bear all this, is it?

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