‘Women aren’t perfect. Women are cookie cutters. Women are not just women.’ And American actor Angelique Cabral is happy that he has come to reflect on the screen on the perfect images that have been painted for a long time.

“Right now, women are leading the way in the industry,” said Cabral, who she says is highlighted on the web show, Undone† The show is not only run by three Latinas, but is also packed with Mexican heritage through the story of a family.

The 43-year-old, who has appeared in projects such as Life in pieces, recruited, the perfect family, friends with benefits and Band Aidexplains: “Having three Latinos leading a show is groundbreaking. We’re here at the forefront of television, which is a female dream. It’s kind of a renaissance for women in the West.”

And that’s because age or gender doesn’t play a role in defining a character’s story, as she notes, “It’s a wonderful time to be an actress as a woman, especially in our time there is such a wealth of writing. We’re going to do nice things. We dive into where we’re not perfect. We’re not cookie cutters. We’re not the woman or just standing there. For example, the second season of Undone is really about my co-star Constance Marie’s backstory, and my story of how I came into my power. And it’s just so exciting. And I think it’s happening on television now.”

In fact, working on Undone, which uses rotoscoping animation to tell the story, proved to be a liberating change for her. “It’s a world that can only be created with rotoscoping. That makes the experience even more special. The beauty and challenge of the show is that we have nothing to work on. We are basically alone with zero things and stains on the floor. It’s a little crazy. It’s normal for me now. But it’s a learned taste,” she concludes.

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