Andrew garfield ventured into the world of method acting with his 2016 film Silence, directed by Martin Scorsese. In the film, Andrew played a Jesuit missionary and he got into his role with some extreme practices like being celibate for six months, fasting to the point where he started losing weight, among others. The actor also defended his trial in a recent interview. Also read: Andrew Garfield says he’s taking a break from acting

Andrew is best known for his portrayal of Spider Man also known as Peter Parker in the two Amazing Spider-Man movies and in last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. He also appeared in films such as The Social Network, Hacksaw Ridge and Tick, Tick… Boom! Silence was his first collaboration with Martin Scorsese and widely regarded as the first role that made him dubbed a “serious actor” by critics.

Speaking of his trial for the film, Andrew recently told WTF with the Marc Maron podcast that he would starve himself from food and sex for a long time to prepare for the character. “It was really cool, dude. I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences of starving myself from sex and food during that time,” he said.

The actor also championed method acting, saying it’s often misunderstood. “People still behave that way, and it’s not about everyone on set being an asshole. It’s really just about living truthfully under imagined circumstances, while being really nice to the crew, and being a normal human being , and being able to drop it when you need to and stay in it when you want to stay in it,” he added.

Silence was a historical drama, which also featured Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano and Ciarán Hinds. It follows two 17th-century Jesuit priests, who travel via Macau from Portugal to Edo-era Japan to find their missing mentor and spread Catholic Christianity.


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