Ameesha Patel’s new video has caused panic on social media. This video shows the actress wearing bo*ld clothes and talking to people during a video call.

Sakina Bo*ld Look: Ameesha Patel, who played the role of Sakina in ‘Gadar’ with Sunny Deol, is in the spotlight these days for her audacity rather than her acting. The actress recently shared a small video during a video call. Seeing the actress’s clothes in this video will have your eyes ripped apart.

Was seen during a video call

In this video your beloved Sakina aka Ameesha Patel is talking to someone on a video call. During this conversation, the actress wears such clothes, since you will also tell what happened to her.

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Seen with a bra

In the video, Ameesha Patel was seen on a video call with someone wearing a black and white printed bra. The actress holds the phone in one hand and repeatedly corrects her hair with the other. In addition, the actress appeared in bright makeup with black glasses.

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Self-shared video

This video was shared by Ameesha Patel herself on her official Instagram. Amisha Patel shared the video and captioned it: ‘About 4 weeks of continuous travel and some video calls with my fans before I left my favorite city of Delhi. Yes, rest at home.’

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Bo*ld video went viral

Earlier, a video of Amisha Patel went very viral. In this video, the actress was seen wearing a brown bra. Ameesha Patel shared this video on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Summer time…Swimming time.”

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Featured in ‘Gadar 2’

Ameesha Patel started her career with the movie ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. In this film, Ameesha made her debut opposite Hrithik Roshan. This movie was a super hit. After this, Ameesha caused panic with the movie ‘Gadar’. In this film, Amisha could be seen with Sunny Deol. Amisha played the role of Sakina while Sunny Deol played the role of Tara Singh in this movie. The second part of this film, called ‘Gadar 2’, will be coming soon. In this, the couple Ameesha and Sunny will be seen again.

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