Amber heard was spotted on a vacation in Israel. Accompanying her is a close friend of hers, who incidentally was barred from attending her trial for defamation against Johnny Depp. The journalist, Eve Barlow, has been one of Amber’s staunchest supporters and was a regular at the trial held in April in the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom. Read also| Amber Heard suffered a loss of approximately $50 million as a result of Johnny Depp’s claims

Amber was seen vacationing with Eve in Israel. An Israeli journalist shared a photo on her Twitter account on Aug. 2 that showed Amber and Eve having lunch together in Tel Aviv. They were eating in an open-air restaurant.

The photo came a day after Amber was photographed pushing an empty stroller in Tel Aviv. The actor, who welcomed her first child via surrogacy in April 2021, was apparently touring the city with her daughter Oonagh Paige Heard.

Amber Heard seen with Eve Barlow in Israel.
Amber Heard seen with Eve Barlow in Israel.

JC Halper, author and owner of Halper’s Book Store in town, shared another account of Amber’s vacation on his Facebook account. JC Halper posted a photo of the actor from his bookstore and shared that she visited her store on August 2, accompanied by her daughter.

Amber Heard in front of JC Halper's bookstore in Tel Aviv.
Amber Heard in front of JC Halper’s bookstore in Tel Aviv.

He wrote in his post: “Say what you will about Amber Heard, (and what little I knew about her was negatively influenced by the media too), the person who spent nearly an hour browsing my shop last Tuesday, with her toddler baby. girl and a few friends, was a humble, polite, friendly, curious, self-effacing customer with high literary taste.In fact, I had no idea it was her until she showed her credit card. She’s now the proud owner too of my book The Bibliomaniacs and promised to send me feedback on it.”

Amber’s girlfriend Eve was a fixture at the courthouse during Amber and Johnny’s trial in Virginia. However, after she was caught tweeting and texting from the front row, she was permanently banned from testifying or appearing in court in any way. Johnny Depp’s lawyers were successful in their request to remove her. She continued to support Amber from outside the courtroom with her tweets.

A jury found both Amber and Johnny guilty of defaming each other on June 1. Amber has been ordered to pay $10.35 million in damages to her ex-husband, but her lawyers have appealed. Johnny was also ordered to pay $2 million in damages and he has also appealed the d


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