Shefali Shahi and Alia Bhatt, who played mother-daughter in their recent release Darlings, also shared a fun off-screen comparison. Darlings director Jasmeet K Reen revealed that Shefali and Alia had different acting processes, but have the same energy on sets. Jasmeet recalled that while filming one of the scenes, the actors caused a lot of delay because they couldn’t stop laughing. Read also| Darlings director says Alia Bhatt shot crucial scene while sick

The scene was when Shefali’s Shamshunissa and Alia Bhatt‘s Badrunissa arrived at their house with the police, but they had to wait to open the door to prevent the police from seeing Vijay Varma’s Hamza tied up in the living room. However, the female officer was then ordered to break open the door. Jasmeet recalled that Shefali and Alia wouldn’t stop laughing during filming, even though they eventually delivered a perfect shot.

Jasmeet told ETimes: “There was a scene where the cop comes home. A female cop goes running and breaks the door and they go in and stuff. Shefali and Alia just kept laughing. They said half a line and they would just keep smiling. “I think we could have packed up 3-4 hours earlier that day, but they just kept laughing. They have that kind of energy on set. They’re so into it, and positive and fun, that sometimes they just crack.”

The filmmaker also revealed that she had to prepare Shefali and Alia separately as they are both spontaneous but have different processes. She said, “Shefali wanted to meet people from the chawl and stuff. I got her to meet some of them. She wanted to hear your character. Alia didn’t want that, but I had to fill her with information. But when they came to the sets, I realized that (I should) let these two be actors.”

Darlings, which also stars Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma and Kiran Karmakar, began streaming on Netflix on August 5. It also marked Alia’s debut as a film producer.

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