Alia Bhatt Back To Mumbai: Pregnant Alia Bhatt has returned to Mumbai after finishing her Hollywood debut film. During this, Alia Bhatt was seen showing off her big baby bump.

Alia Bhatt Huge Baby Bump: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt surprised everyone by announcing her pregnancy after two months of marriage. Now Alia from London has returned to India after finishing the shooting of her Hollywood debut film ‘Heart of Stone’. In such a situation, when she reached the Mumbai airport late at night, a crowd of paparazzi gathered to catch a glimpse of Alia and spot her. During this, many photos and videos of Alia Bhatt have surfaced on social media, which are increasingly going viral.

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Alia Bhatt’s Baby Belly

Seeing Alia at the airport, everyone began to enthusiastically congratulate her, in such a situation Alia thanked everyone with a sweet smile and folded hands. Not only this, during this time everyone’s eyes were on Alia Bhatt’s baby bump. Alia’s marriage has lasted less than three months and in such a situation, everyone is talking about her pre-marital pregnancy after seeing such a big baby bump.

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kissed ranbir kapoor

Let us tell you that during this contact Ranbir Kapoor had received Alia Bhatt at the airport. During this, Ranbir was seen sleeping in her car, but as soon as Ranbir and Alia met, all the tiredness of both vanished. In the photos and videos that have surfaced, we see Ranbir and Alia meeting and hugging each other.

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Alia’s feeling about pregnancy

Speaking of the feeling of pregnancy, Alia Bhatt said in an interview, there is no better feeling than this and I don’t know how to tell it. Honestly, I’m still looking for the answer to this question, I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Where did Ranbir further say that it is like coming to swim for the first time and having to tell others how you felt in the water. I’m a little scared, excited and also very happy. Me and Alia see our future, this feeling is the best.

Ranbir Kapoor said this thing

Ranbir Kapoor said in the interview: “This time is very special for me and I am very happy with my life. Alia and I got married and it felt good to tell us about the pregnancy because we wish our happiness with the whole world parts. “

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