A photo of Jhanvi Kapoor and Nyasa Devgan is increasingly going viral on social media. In this photo they are both wearing such a bold dress that the fans will be sweating right after seeing the photo.

Who is more Bo*ld: Boney Kapoor’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor and Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nysa Devgan cannot be ignored at all when it comes to bo*ld star kids. With the passage of time, as Jahnavi becomes more bold than before, Kajol and Ajay’s daughter has no answer in boldness even at a young age. Recently, these two star kids were spotted together. During this they both wore so many bold and warm clothes as you would also say that not only Jhanvi but Kajol’s daughter is also leading the way in boldness.

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Bo*ld avatar shown together abroad

Janhvi Kapoor and Nyasa Devgan have shared many photos on social media. One of these pictures showed Jhanvi and Nyasa having lunch together. On this occasion, Jhanvi and Nyasa were seen in a revealing dress of the same color, in which they both look very glamorous and warm.

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Revealing dress is over the limit

In this photo, Jhanvi and Nysa (Nysa Devgan) were seen in a red dress. Jhanvi wears a red dress whose throat is very deep. In addition, this dress by the actress has a cut from the side of the waist, which makes it look like this dress also has no back. At the same time, the deep neck is so much that it makes the look of Jhanvi even more edgy. Speaking of Nyasa, she also wears a red-red dress. This dress from Nyasa rests on two steps and the neckline of the dress is very deep.

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Giving tough competition to Jhanvi

Jhanvi Kapoor and Nyasa Devgan shared this photo from Amsterdam. Where both enjoy a holiday together. Looking at this photo, it can certainly be said that 25-year-old Jahnavi is definitely giving a tough match to 19-year-old Kajol’s daughter in bo*ldes.

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