After they tied the knot at an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez took their second vows when the reconciled couple were tied up in front of their A-list friends and family over the weekend at a second wedding ceremony at the actor’s lavish Georgia estate.

After their luxurious white wedding on Saturday, Bennifer invited some friends and family to have a picnic-style gathering on Sunday. According to reports, via Page Six, Jay Shetty, the couple’s wedding officiant, was spotted clicking with his wife Radhi at the Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah before heading out for brunch after the wedding. Other celebs spotted were Matt Damon’s brother Kyle Damon and his wife Lori. Bennifer swapped the traditional post-wedding brunch for a fun BBQ party, while her guests saw her guests rocking picnic clothes in floral flowers and printed jackets.

The lavish wedding celebration was a significant event for the couple as they got back together after nearly two decades and have shared their feelings in the past to celebrate their love. After their small ceremony in Las Vegas, the couple flew to Paris, France with their respective children and were seen spending some quality time together. Although, reports suggest that Bennifer did not consider their short vacation their formal honeymoon, but had other elaborate plans for their official couple’s time off. Previously, the couple was already engaged in 2002, but their relationship broke up in 2004. In 2021, the couple got back together and within a year they married each other.

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