baahubali-famous actor Adivi Sesh says after the release of his first Hindi film that if makers in the regional film industry want their films to be watched across the country, they should shoot them in Hindi.

During his recent visit to Lucknow, he says: “Look, the public never decides whether the film is in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Hindi. Perhaps the perception of regional films was there in the industry. For the audience, it’s just Indian movies! It is a mistake of our actors who were afraid to venture into Hindi movies. We only realized this very late, namely after the success of Baahubali, KGF and Pushpa: The rise.

The writer-actor gives an example of TV and OTT where Hindi dubbed South Indian movies are a big hit and always trending.

“Now that creators are concentrating on pan-Indian content, they are going the extra mile to shoot in Hindi, which I think is absolutely correct! If we want everyone to watch our movies everywhere, we have to respect the Hindi audience. It was very important for us to use every word, language and lip movement as in the original and not just dub. That’s why we shot Important in Hindi and Tamil and Kannada,” he says.

The actor who studied in the US wrote the script of his film in English and it was subsequently written in other languages.

Sesh realized the importance of Hindi after the success of his films. “I come from outside the company, so I started with a smaller role and baahubali was my last role as a villain. In 2016 I did kshanam as the lead role which was a big hit and it has a remake in hindi as baghi2. So the combined success gave me the confidence to think big.”

In the future, Sesh will shoot three films that will be shot in Hindi as well as regional languages. “Like my last film, in the south we will be making films for the entire Indian audience, but which are well rooted in our culture. After we come to Lucknow and know about subsidy, we may be able to film here in the upcoming movie city, but only if our story calls for it. When you shoot a movie in studios it just doesn’t matter what city it is – it could be Mumbai, Hyderabad or UP, you can come up with a set there, but here the plus is the grant we get, which filmmakers certainly will help! †

On why he chose a biopic for his first Hindi film instead of another fantasy, he says: ‘There’s nothing wrong with fantasy and larger-than-life movies, but that’s not my personality! When I move, many recommend bringing a few bouncers with you, but I’m not. Mujhe zyada dikhawa zyada pasand nahi hai — in movies or in real life! I don’t want ki log mera swag se swagat karein, dil se kare woh mere liye kaafi hai…”

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