A photo of Tridha Chaudhary is hotly debated. In this photo, the actress was seen sitting in the bedroom taking on amazing poses. At the sight of this photo of the actress, fans react violently.

Aashram Fame Babita: Babita gave so many intimate scenes with Baba Nirala that she came into the limelight overnight. The actress who plays this role on the screen is Tridha Choudhary. The special thing is that after this web series people came to know more about Tridha under the name Babita than her real name. But Tridha can be seen not only on screen, but also off screen. Proof of that is the actress’s bedroom photo, where she shows killer looks in revealing clothes. This style of the actress is very much appreciated by her fans.

Devastation in revealing clothes

In this photo, Tridha Choudhary is braless and seen in bo*ld attire. The actress wears a bralette style top and a high split Thai skirt, which is pushed up and seated.

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Killer pose

In this bedroom photo, Tridha Choudhury not only shows such a touch of hotness with her dress, but also with her style that fans react vehemently to this photo. To complete her look, the actress has kept her hair open with light makeup, in which she looks quite glamorous.

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Wrote this caption

This photo was shared by Tridha Chaudhary on her official Instagram. It was in the caption, “What am I supposed to do this weekend.”

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Swimming pool photo went viral

A few days ago, Tridha Choudhury shared a photo of her in the pool. In the photo you could see the actress giving a killer pose from the pool. In this photo, Babita was wearing a light purple monokini. Speaking of the look there, she was seen wearing goggles. This photo was shared by Tridha Choudhury herself on her official Instagram. The actress wrote in the caption, “Luck looks good on me…how about it.”

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